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Binary Options offer a unique opportunity to profit, so it comes as no surprise that more and more people wanting to speculate in an easier way. From novice to advanced traders anyone can take advantage of Hello Binary’s state-of-the-art trading solution. We provide you with a seamlessly-integrated  front-end, back office, trading platform, CRM, and marketing module; all with full web access, including mobile and tablet devices.

Hello Binary Platform

Hello Binary provides you an individually branded web site, utilizing a front-end to designed to receive any customer efficiently and effectively.

Our back-office is streamlined to be both simple and sophisticated; allowing for single-screen viewing of all site and user data in one place.

The global payment processing system is fully integrated into your solution, affording you the best rates and compliance factors.

Additional Modules

Hello Binary offers a large variety of compatible modules for use on your site, Bloomberg RSS news feed, for example.

Our plug-and-play live-chat enables you to drive conversions and cultivate customer loyalties in real time.

To better serve your traders and help them in building a strategy, we provide you with market analysis studies.

Front-end presentation

Binary Options Trading

The Up/Down feature is the basic and the most popular binary options trading element. Traders select the asset and speculate whether its future price will be above (up) or below (down) the current price at expiration time.


Hello Binary gives you complete control of the content and design of your platform; i.e. it is fully customizable. Giving you the ability to change and edit your as you like, when you like, without being dependent upon your provider.


Back Office presentation

Content Management System

The CSS code is available to the builder of your site. The content management of your platform utilizes drag-and-drop for intuitive composition, allowing you to modify the user interface in real time, in congruence with market trends. Furthermore, you can push your content via an integrated SEO system, such as Google analytics.

Customer Relationship Management

Not only you can follow your clients, but you can also synchronize all their information to manage your entire business in one page. Based on AJAX technology, our CRM is the fastest dedicated system of the industry.

Affiliate Program

An effective Affiliate network will be a key contributor to the success of your business. Knowing how important this is to our clientele, our software is delivered with the affiliate market in mind, and integration already in place.

Mobile Web Application, Android, Iphone etc ...

For the Trader

Hello Binary’s web application lets you trade on any device and to engage your customers from anywhere at any time.

For the Entrepreneur

Using only the latest technology, Hello Binary gives the opportunity to an administrator or executive of your company to oversee and manage the business from anywhere in the world.

We will help you to customize and register your app in iStore, and Android market play.


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